Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I went on industrial visit (IV) to Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI), Phaltan alongwith my batchmates. When I first read the notice about IV, I got tensed and didn’t want to go on it. We, HNIMR girls, are conditioned in this manner that if something extra other than lectures is going to take place, it becomes a burden. But after returning from there my response is completely different. I came to know many new things like rural technology, rural entrepreneurship, rural market potential, etc. Being MBA students, we are aware and concerned about urban market only. We read ET and think only about Tatas, Birlas and Ambanis as entrepreneurs. We forget one major fact of our country that majority of population is still living in rural areas. Actually it is more worthy to become an entrepreneur in rural areas as it completes the entire cycle of providing service to me, mine and society simultaneously. One of the major factor in running a business “Competition” is almost absent there. ARTI is an NGO working for the betterment of rural people by providing them somke-free stoves, providing training on rural technologies which helps to improve farm productivity, using food wastes for generating gas to be used in place of LPG, etc. Thus it pays off to take efforts to go to IV and I got the lesson not to react before you actually experience it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Be Yourself

God has gifted us with an awesome natural world but we are so busy with explorations, inventions & discoveries that we ourselves have become an artificial being. "Just be Yourself" is only a saying now which doesn't suit with present scenario any more. Always carry an artificial smile on face. True emotions are not to be truly showed to the world. It happens only in reel life that Be Yourself attitude works. Candidate is selected in an interview even by showing arrogance and be yourself attitude. But in real life people don't want to hear what the fact/truth is. We have to frame answers according to what person on the other side want to listen. This will bring everything to a standard. Standard CVs for jobs, Standard career objectives in resume, Standard answers to Standard questions. Everything has to be manipulated to fit in present situation. But still people say JUST BE YOURSELF.